My true love is writing short stories and I was thrilled to discover a website called Patreon, which allows me to post my stories and offer special rewards for readers. The more readers who support my writing, the more time I have to write new stories, and I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity. Please visit my Patreon page to sign-up or learn more about the rewards or you can  just keep on scrolling for the highlights:

• LEVEL ONE: A New or Revised Short Story to Read Each Month!

This is your First Class ticket to read my short fiction for just $1 per month!

Some stories are brand new and some are heavily revised versions of previously published works. (I cannot help myself, everything gets revised forever if no one stops me!)

Each new story post includes a “cover image” like you see to the right, too, just for the fun of it.

• LEVEL TWO: Exclusive Signed Limited Edition Chapbook!

You will receive Level One’s reward PLUS I’ll be publishing a brand new signed Limited Edition chapbook twice per year exclusively for supporters at this level and above — all for just $5 per month!

These Limited Edition chapbooks launch in January with the first installment of a serial novel, One Candle Against the Night, which you can read more about on that book’s page.

You can also see the cover design for that first chapbook to the left. These will make a beautiful set in your collection when all is said and done, and there are currently no other plans for One Candle Against the Night to see print.

• LEVEL THREE: All the above PLUS a signed Advance Review Copy!

All the above PLUS twice per year you’ll receive a SIGNED advance review copy of one of my books for just $10 per month!

Review copies are trade paperback editions of books that are printed months before the actual finished book, so that reviewers and booksellers can read it early. Sometimes there are small changes made to the text or design between the printing of the review copy and the printing of the finished book shipped to readers.

Mostly, the review copy I send will be for a forthcoming work due out in the next few months, but in some cases I might use review copies for an older work that has already been published, depending on what’s on the schedule at the time of the mailing.

• LEVEL FOUR: All the Above PLUS an Exclusive Signed Trade Paperback!

All the above PLUS I’ll be publishing an exclusive signed Limited Edition trade paperback of my short stories once per year — all for just $15 per month!

This trade paperback will include all twelve short stories I’ve posted on Patreon in the previous twelve months — slightly revised and updated versions of those stories, knowing me!

This specific volume will never be reprinted again. No eBook, nothing for the masses, etc. The signed Limited Edition trade paperback I publish for my Patreon supporters will be the only version of the collection.


All the above PLUS you can receive a FREE copy of every new book of mine that’s published while you’re at this level: my short story collections, novellas, and novels, along with the anthologies I edit, all for just $25 per month!

This includes the eBook, trade editions, and even Limited Editions. Both new books and reprint editions of older books, too.

(Limited to just 25 supporters. Lettered Editions are excluded from this offer since I only get one or two copies of those, sorry!)

I hope to see you over at Patreon soon. Thank you in advance for your support!

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