Photos of It: The 25th Anniversary Special Edition by Stephen King Deluxe Lettered Edition

The Deluxe Lettered Edition of It: The 25th Anniversary Special Edition by Stephen King was limited to 52 signed and lettered copies. Please note that the traycase is such a deep black color that it shows up gray in most of these photos because of the white backdrop and because I’m not much of a photographer.

This custom-made Lettered Edition book features:

*  Cromwell Black Flanders Grain leather binding on spine

*  Asahi Japanese Bookcloth, Turquoise Blue for front and back cover binding

*  French Marbled endsheets

*  pages edged with hand-dipped silver gilding

*  hot-stamped with Black Matte and Silver Bright foils

*  Smyth sewn with cotton thread

*  cotton hinge cloth, sewn headbands, and black silk ribbon page marker

*  dust jacket with a different design than the other editions

This handmade, custom-made box features:

*  Black Matador with Lido Emboss covering material

*  Bridal Satin in a Sunflower color lining

*  Black Silkscreen print with silver foil stamp

*  box constructed with 100-point recycled chipboard

21 thoughts on “Photos of It: The 25th Anniversary Special Edition by Stephen King Deluxe Lettered Edition”

  1. WOW! Gee maybe I’ll hit the lottery? I sure would love to own this most beautiful copy! It is just fantastic! Hope Glen’s hand heals quickly as we can’t afford to have such a fine artist such as himself out of commission for long. And Alan & Erin…………be careful…..don’t be getting hurt too! You guys (and gals) at CD are so very lucky to have such wonderful artists!

  2. Hi Brian, I have been waiting for ‘IT’ to be delivered for over a year! This will be the crown in my collection. It looks like it does not disappoint.

    I am not a fan of Remarque in a book. The author in this case King approved the look and now gets defaced. It reminds me of graffiti on a building. It takes away not adds to it.

    What are your thoughts?

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