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Vincent Chong Artwork for Cemetery Dance #74/75

The next issue of Cemetery Dance magazine isn’t officially announced yet, but here’s a sneak peek at the cover artwork by the always incredible Vincent Chong:

Vincent Chong Cover Cemetery Dance #74/75

The Polish cover for Revival by Stephen King: Behind The Scenes

For those of you interested in “behind the scenes” information about how the publishing business works, I highly recommend you click on this Polish cover artwork below for Revival by Stephen King, which will take you to cover artist Vincent Chong’s blog where he discusses how the cover came to be — and where he also shows off the original and totally different cover artwork that didn’t get used:

Revival by Stephen King Polish cover artwork

Dreamlike States Published by Cemetery Dance Publications (And Already Sold Out!)

Hot on the heals of Weak and Wounded, Cemetery Dance Publications has also published my new mini-collection of short stories, Dreamlike States, featuring an exclusive introduction by Ed Gorman, original interior illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne, and another beautiful cover by Vincent Chong. The signed Limited Edition is already sold out, but there are copies of the Deluxe Lettered Edition available for now.

About the Book:
This collection by Brian James Freeman features six dark stories that are a little different from his other works. Some focus on unusual characters and some are simply told in unusual ways. The last two are closely linked pieces, although the connection is hidden under the surface.

Weak and Wounded

* When Sam discovers the jogger dying in the middle of the road in “As She Lay There Dying,” he isn’t ready for what she has to tell him:Sammy, we can’t run anymore. He doesn’t know this girl, so why is she talking like his dead wife?

* Assuming Michael manages to escape “The Punishment Room,” he isn’t sure if he’ll be able to go on living with the knowledge of what he did to survive. But then again, that’s a dilemma he wouldn’t mind confronting, given the finality of the alternative…

* “The Gorman Gig” was definitely not going like the others, and Mike and Jimmy had no idea how badly this job was going to end for everyone involved…

* When “One Way Flight” begins, the man in seat 36-B awakens to find everyone else on his plane is dead, including the pilot. Now the clock is ticking and the man doesn’t have much time to figure out who he is, what has happened, and most importantly, how to get off the plane alive…

* In “The Silent Attic” Amy is haunted by the memory of her mother’s last days, but will one last trip to the room where her nightmares were born set her free?

* Daniel Walker is driving to his hometown for the first time in years because his father is dying, but he knows there’s more than a sick patriarch waiting for him in the house where he grew up. Daniel is traveling home with a heart full of questions, and all of his ghosts are patiently waiting with a few questions of their own in ”A Dreamlike State.”

These six thought-provoking stories show why David Morrell has called Freeman’s writing “elegant and haunting” and why Michael Koryta has said Freeman writes “a taut, memorable tale.”

This new collection by Brian James Freeman features characters who are searching for answers to deeply troubling questions.

Read more or place your order while supplies last!

Weak and Wounded Published by Cemetery Dance Publications

Cemetery Dance Publications has published my new mini-collection of short stories, Weak and Wounded, featuring an exclusive introduction by Ron McLarty, original interior illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne, and another beautiful cover by Vincent Chong.

About the Book:
This new collection by Brian James Freeman features characters who are searching for answers to deeply troubling questions.

Weak and Wounded

* In “Running Rain,” a devastated husband and wife try to pretend life can somehow be normal again after their son becomes a victim of a serial killer known as The Riverside Strangler… but the dark secrets they’re keeping from each other push their relationship to the brink.

* In “Marking the Passage of Time,” a couple approaches the end of the world in their own ways as the clock ticks down and they try to figure out where all of the time has gone…

* “Where Sunlight Sleeps” is the tale of a grieving father and his young son, both dealing with a shared loss the best they can, who take a trip down a memory lane lined with jagged edges and vicious traps…

* On “The Last Beautiful Day,” a devoted husband returns to the scene of the worst day of his life by volunteering for a job that is both morbid and profound.

* “Walking With the Ghosts of Pier 13” is the story of a young man visiting the beach front amusement park where his brother died during a terrorist attack. He wants to understand why a madman came to this place and blew himself up and killed so many innocent people… but the answer to that question might not be the only thing waiting for the young man when he starts walking with the ghosts.

These five hauntingly beautiful stories show why Publishers Weekly has called Freeman’s writing “skillfully composed prose” and why Tess Gerritsen has said, “Brian James Freeman managed to both scare me and move me to tears.”

Read more or place your order while supplies last!

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King Deluxe Signed Lettered Edition: First Look!

The Deluxe Lettered Edition of Doctor Sleep by Stephen King is limited to 52 signed and lettered copies and should be finished at our box maker in April. We received the approval case today and thought our collectors might like a sneak peek. I’ve included the Limited Edition (white traycase) and the Gift Edition (red slipcase) in a few of the shots for reference.

The hand-bound, custom-made book features:

* Three-piece hand-binding featuring Cromwell red leather on spine and Asahi Japanese Blue Mohair Bookcloth for front and back boards
* French Marbled endsheets
* pages edged with hand-dipped silver gilding
* hot-stamped with Light Blue Metallic and Silver Bright foils
* Smyth sewn with cotton thread
* cotton hinge cloth, sewn headbands, and red silk ribbon page marker
* dust jacket with a different design than the other editions

The massive hand-made, custom box features:

* Blue Galuchat covering material
* White Ester Foam With Red Satin Covering
* Two color hot foil stamping
* Heavy-duty premium recycled chipboard

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King Lettered Edition

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Doctor Sleep by Stephen King: Uncut Sheets of Vincent Chong’s Full Color Artwork

As you might know, the Special Edition of Doctor Sleep by Stephen King from Cemetery Dance Publications was delayed a bit due to an issue with the two full-color artwork foldouts that were to be tipped into the book, but everything was fixed and the books turned out great, as you can see here and here. (Orders are still shipping at the moment, but our warehouse is making a herculean effort to get them all done.)

Our printer shipped us some of the artwork that was printed at the wrong size because we couldn’t stand the thought of them being dumped in the recycle bin, and we were surprised to discover that these are entirely uncut sheets of art. That’s not something people outside the production process normally get to see, so I’ve posted a photo with a copy of the trade hardcover of Doctor Sleep to give you an idea of the size.

You can click on the image for a larger version if you’d like:

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King Uncut Artwork Sheets

Weak and Wounded reviewed by FEARnet

Weak and Wounded

Kevin Quigley over at FEARnet has posted a review of my new mini-collection of short stories, Weak and Wounded, which very well may be the best review my work has ever received.

Here is a little bit of the review:

Weak and Wounded plunges us into small worlds, in which people live desperate lives and struggle with impossible decisions.  Loss permeates every page: these people survive the deaths of parents, children, spouses, and siblings, only to find that survival might be a fate worse than death.  But the power in these pages comes not from what our protagonists suffer, but how they suffer it.  How they continue to go on….  By tying these stories together by theme, feel, and intent, Freeman has created a work of collected fiction that stands as one piece.  Each story beats with its own punctured heart, but taken as a whole, Weak and Wounded is even better than the sum of its broken and damaged parts.

If a reader ever asks you what I write about, you might want to point him or her toward the full FEARnet review.

The signed Limited Edition of Weak and Wounded sold out in one week after it was announced, but there will be affordable trade paperback and eBook editions next year.