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Featured by Entertainment Weekly: The Zombie Who Cried Human!

Huge news about The Zombie Who Cried Human for those who missed it on my social media accounts: Entertainment Weekly has featured the book and several exclusive previews of Glenn Chadbourne’s  interior artwork on their website! See it all here.

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You can purchase your copy of  The Zombie Who Cried Human by following these links:

Amazon.comCemetery Dance Publications

JUST ANNOUNCED! The Zombie Who Cried Human: a new kind of children’s book!

I’m extremely pleased to report that my first children’s book will be published in 2018! Even better, I got to work with my good friend Glenn Chadbourne on this project and his detailed paintings really made the story come to life… so to speak! I’ll share some of his incredible interior artwork in the months to come, but in the meantime, here are the important details:

About the Book:
Little Boy Zombie lives on a big farm just outside of ZomBeeTown with Mama Zombie, Papa Zombie, and Rex the Zombie Dog.

One day, while Mama Zombie and Papa Zombie are away, Boy Zombie is left in charge of the farm. But when he gets bored, he decides to play a prank on the citizens of ZomBeeTown. He yells toward town, “Humans here, humans here!” And everyone comes shambling to the farm to help.

When they discover they’ve been tricked, Boy Zombie is warned by his elders: “Don’t cry ‘humans’ when there are no humans!”

But will he learn his lesson in time?

The Zombie Who Cried Human is the first book in the “Little Gruesome” series from Brian James Freeman and Glenn Chadbourne, who are blending classic fables with modern storytelling techniques to entertain children and adults of all ages.

Purchase the trade hardcover edition:
Amazon.comCemetery Dance Publications

the trade hardcover edition:

the signed and slipcased Limited Edition:

A Lost Little Girl Watching Over My Shoulder Thanks To Glenn Chadbourne

Thanks to Glenn Chadbourne, this lost little girl has been watching over my shoulder while I work… (click on the image for a larger view!)

Glenn Chadbourne's Lost Little Girl (small)

The Halloween Children Cover Artwork By Glenn Chadbourne

Here’s a larger version of Glenn Chadbourne’s terrifically wicked cover artwork for  The Halloween Children:

The Halloween Children

Preorder the Signed Limited Edition Hardcover from Earthling Publications while supplies last!

First Photos of The Dark Man by Stephen King Deluxe Oversized Signed Limited Edition Artwork Portfolio

Our slipcase and box maker toiled over several different prototypes for The Dark Man Artwork Portfolio before coming up with a design that would protect the artwork for years to come. The stack of artwork is nearly 1.5 inches THICK, so housing the artwork in a way that didn’t bend or stress each print was our highest priority, which is why it took three tries to get the case just right. We ended up designing a special two piece slipcase system that we’ve never used before and we’re thrilled with how it turned out. This will begin shipping next month, but you can see a few of the first photos below:

The Dark Man Artwork Portfolio

The Dark Man Artwork Portfolio

The Dark Man Artwork Portfolio

The Dark Man Artwork Portfolio

The Dark Man Artwork Portfolio

The Dark Man Artwork Portfolio

The Dark Man Artwork Portfolio

Glenn Chadbourne’s Painting Inspired By “The General” By Stephen King

This color painting by Glenn Chadbourne is inspired by “The General” by Stephen King and is featured in the Lettered Edition of Screamplays, which Cemetery Dance Publications is sending to the printer next month:

Screamplays Frontis

Dreamlike States Published by Cemetery Dance Publications (And Already Sold Out!)

Hot on the heals of Weak and Wounded, Cemetery Dance Publications has also published my new mini-collection of short stories, Dreamlike States, featuring an exclusive introduction by Ed Gorman, original interior illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne, and another beautiful cover by Vincent Chong. The signed Limited Edition is already sold out, but there are copies of the Deluxe Lettered Edition available for now.

About the Book:
This collection by Brian James Freeman features six dark stories that are a little different from his other works. Some focus on unusual characters and some are simply told in unusual ways. The last two are closely linked pieces, although the connection is hidden under the surface.

Weak and Wounded

* When Sam discovers the jogger dying in the middle of the road in “As She Lay There Dying,” he isn’t ready for what she has to tell him:Sammy, we can’t run anymore. He doesn’t know this girl, so why is she talking like his dead wife?

* Assuming Michael manages to escape “The Punishment Room,” he isn’t sure if he’ll be able to go on living with the knowledge of what he did to survive. But then again, that’s a dilemma he wouldn’t mind confronting, given the finality of the alternative…

* “The Gorman Gig” was definitely not going like the others, and Mike and Jimmy had no idea how badly this job was going to end for everyone involved…

* When “One Way Flight” begins, the man in seat 36-B awakens to find everyone else on his plane is dead, including the pilot. Now the clock is ticking and the man doesn’t have much time to figure out who he is, what has happened, and most importantly, how to get off the plane alive…

* In “The Silent Attic” Amy is haunted by the memory of her mother’s last days, but will one last trip to the room where her nightmares were born set her free?

* Daniel Walker is driving to his hometown for the first time in years because his father is dying, but he knows there’s more than a sick patriarch waiting for him in the house where he grew up. Daniel is traveling home with a heart full of questions, and all of his ghosts are patiently waiting with a few questions of their own in ”A Dreamlike State.”

These six thought-provoking stories show why David Morrell has called Freeman’s writing “elegant and haunting” and why Michael Koryta has said Freeman writes “a taut, memorable tale.”

This new collection by Brian James Freeman features characters who are searching for answers to deeply troubling questions.

Read more or place your order while supplies last!