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Featured by Entertainment Weekly: The Zombie Who Cried Human!

Huge news about The Zombie Who Cried Human for those who missed it on my social media accounts: Entertainment Weekly has featured the book and several exclusive previews of Glenn Chadbourne’s  interior artwork on their website! See it all here.

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You can purchase your copy of  The Zombie Who Cried Human by following these links:

Amazon.comCemetery Dance Publications

JUST ANNOUNCED! The Zombie Who Cried Human: a new kind of children’s book!

I’m extremely pleased to report that my first children’s book will be published in 2018! Even better, I got to work with my good friend Glenn Chadbourne on this project and his detailed paintings really made the story come to life… so to speak! I’ll share some of his incredible interior artwork in the months to come, but in the meantime, here are the important details:

About the Book:
Little Boy Zombie lives on a big farm just outside of ZomBeeTown with Mama Zombie, Papa Zombie, and Rex the Zombie Dog.

One day, while Mama Zombie and Papa Zombie are away, Boy Zombie is left in charge of the farm. But when he gets bored, he decides to play a prank on the citizens of ZomBeeTown. He yells toward town, “Humans here, humans here!” And everyone comes shambling to the farm to help.

When they discover they’ve been tricked, Boy Zombie is warned by his elders: “Don’t cry ‘humans’ when there are no humans!”

But will he learn his lesson in time?

The Zombie Who Cried Human is the first book in the “Little Gruesome” series from Brian James Freeman and Glenn Chadbourne, who are blending classic fables with modern storytelling techniques to entertain children and adults of all ages.

Purchase the trade hardcover edition:
Amazon.comCemetery Dance Publications

the trade hardcover edition:

the signed and slipcased Limited Edition:

Coming Soon! THE HALLOWEEN CHILDREN Trade Hardcover Edition!

I’m very pleased to report that The Halloween Children, the novel I wrote with Norman Prentiss for the acclaimed Earthling Halloween Series a few years back, will be re-released as a trade hardcover by Cemetery Dance Publications later this year, featuring stunning new cover artwork by Vincent Chong.

For a limited time, you can also get your preorder signed for free. Read more on the Cemetery Dance Publications  website!

The Halloween Children

JUST ANNOUNCED! Reading Stephen King edited by Brian James Freeman!

I’m very pleased to announce Reading Stephen King, an anthology of essays by some seriously incredible writers, will be published later this year by Cemetery Dance Publications!

About the Book:Reading Stephen King
Stephen King has inspired millions of readers with his writing for more than four decades, and this special volume of essays gathers together some of his high-profile fans to discuss why they love reading the works of Stephen King.

Many of these fans are acclaimed authors of fiction in their own right. Some of them have written insightful books about Stephen King’s work, exploring how King’s natural storytelling gift has allowed him to create stories that reach people in every language around the world. A few of them have even written, produced, and directed movie adaptations of King’s most acclaimed works.

In this book you will join Clive Barker, Stewart O’Nan, Richard Chizmar, Frank Darabont, Stephen Spignesi, Justin Brooks, Tony Magistrale, Michael R. Collings, Rocky Wood, Robin Furth, Kevin Quigley, Hans-Ake Lilja, Billy Chizmar, Jack Ketchum, Bev Vincent, Mick Garris, and Jay Franco as they discuss their love of reading Stephen King…

Purchase the Book:
Cemetery Dance Publications • Amazon.com

Reading Stephen King

Stephen King’s The Bill Hodges Trilogy Box Set: Exclusive Artwork Tease!

Here’s a little tease for those who bought the Bill Hodges Trilogy Box Set through the Cemetery Dance online store. This is a TINY part of the FREE art print you’ll be receiving with your shipment:

Mr Mercedes Art Print Tease

New eBook: The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book by Brian James Freeman & Bev Vincent

I’m pleased to announce Cemetery Dance’s most unique eBook to date, the Revised & Updated second edition of The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book by Brian James Freeman & Bev Vincent, is now available for immediate download.

Stephen King Trivia

This special eBook edition allows you to test your trivia knowledge with a unique design using links between questions and hints and answers, and it works with any standard eReader. No apps or special programs are needed. If you have a Kindle, Kobo, Nook, or any of their related apps for other devices, this eBook should work for you!

About the Book:
This revised and updated second edition of The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book features all of the original questions from the first edition, along with more than one hundred new questions about Stephen King’s most recent releases!

Also included are ten brand new illustration-based questions from Cemetery Dance favorite artist Glenn Chadbourne, along with the 60 illustration-based questions from the original edition.

This new edition concludes with a brand new afterword by Kevin Quigley, founder of Charnel House, one of the oldest Stephen King fan sites on the web.

The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book by Brian James Freeman and Bev Vincent is a must-have for any of Stephen King’s Constant Readers.

Purchase the eBook:
Amazon.com • Amazon.ca • Amazon.co.uk • Nook • Kobo

Purchase the Trade Paperback:
Amazon.com • Cemetery Dance • Barnes & Noble

Carrie by Stephen King: A Quick Warehouse Photo of the Numbered Artist Edition

Cemetery Dance Publications has been shipping the Gift Edition and Numbered Artist Edition of Carrie by Stephen King for a few days now. Here’s a stack of the Numbered Artist Edition books in the warehouse waiting to be traycased:

Carrie by Stephen King Artist Edition