Brian James Freeman, Your Website Needs More Pop-Up Ads! (Um, no thanks!)

A lot of people in the writing business have been telling me I really need a pop-up window on my website that begs visitors to sign-up for my mailing list… but no… just no…

I can’t stand those ads, especially when I can’t seem to close them on my phone, and I never sign-up for the newsletters they’re promoting.

I mean, why would I sign-up for someone’s newsletter when I’m literally visiting their site for the very first time to find out who they are or what their book is about? I get enough email as it is!

Now, I will sign up for your newsletter after I read something of yours I like OR if I’m intrigued by what you’re doing/working on.

So nope. If you’re on my site and want to subscribe to my newsletter, the sign-up box is around here somewhere. I’d love to see you on the mailing list, but I won’t be forcing a pop-up window into your face to get you there.

If NOT having that newsletter sign-up pop-up window on my site ends up being the ONE reason I never break through to the next level, I guess it sucks to be me because it’s just not happening!

Free Reads! Exclusive Chapbooks! Signed Review Copies! Exclusive Limited Edition Collections! And ALL of the Books!

Here are the details about my new “Level Five” rewards level over at Patreon!

If you sign-up for Level Five on the rewards tier, you get:

1) the free monthly reads from Level One!

2) the signed Limited Edition chapbooks twice per year from Level Two!

3) the signed advance review copies twice per year from Level Three!

4) the signed Limited Edition trade paperback short story collection that will be published exclusively for Patreon Supporters once per year on Level Four — and this collection will never be reprinted in any form!

5) AND, as a supporter on Level Five, you’ll get a copy of every short story collection, novella, and novel I write, along with the anthologies I edit, for as long as you stay an active supporter at this level!

This means eBooks, trade editions, and even signed Limited Edition hardcovers. New books and reprints, they’re all yours if you want them. This applies to all books published after January 1, 2018 and ALL editions of the books except for Lettered Editions since I only get one or two copies of those. (Sorry!)

So if you want the eBook edition of my new book, it’s yours! Oh, you want the signed Limited Edition, too? That’s yours! Oh, there’s a trade paperback? Boom — it’s yours and I’ll sign it if you want!


A: Whoa, I didn’t realize this was a Q&A, but great question!

The first book due out in 2018 is the trade hardcover of The Halloween Children, my novel cowritten with Norman Prentiss. Check out the beautiful approval copy of the book in the photo below.

I’m actually probably a little nuts for offering this Reward Level because 2018 is looking to be my most “productive” year in my entire career due to a whole bunch of long-gestating projects finally being published at the same time. On tap for 2018 are:

The Halloween Children (trade hardcover)
Dark Screams: Volume 9 (eBook)
Dark Screams: Volume 10 (eBook)
Lost and Lonely (signed Limited Edition short story collection)
The Echo of Memory (novel)
The Suicide Diary (novel)
Killer Crimes (signed Limited Edition anthology)
Halloween Carnival omnibus (signed Limited Edition hardcover anthology)
Dark Screams omnibus (signed Limited Edition hardcover anthology)
The Zombie Who Cried Human (children’s book)
Weak & Wounded (newly revised and expanded trade paperback)
More Than Midnight (newly revised and expanded trade paperback)
Dreamlikes States (newly revised and expanded trade paperback)
Lost & Lonely (newly revised and expanded trade paperback)

So that’s the deal with Level Five!

I hope you’ll give it a shot if you can afford to send that much support my way, but I’ll totally understand if you cannot.

Every single one of you at every level is making it possible for me to spend MORE time writing and publishing my own work in 2018, so you’re all awesome in my book and your support is appreciated more than you’ll ever know.

Thank you very much!

New Rewards, New Levels, Still Time To Qualify For Big Rewards!

I’m making some improvements to my Patreon rewards levels for those who might be interested in signing up before the big rewards kick in:

Since most of us are pretty new to Patreon, I’ve decide to waive the “minimum period to receive rewards” for January 2018.

What that means is this: whatever reward level you’re at on January 1, 2018 is the reward you will get in January 2018 regardless of when you signed up for that level.

So please feel free to sign up TODAY for the first time OR, if you’re already a supporter, you can jump to a higher level if you’d like to get even more/better  rewards right away.

Also, there is a new LEVEL FIVE in the rewards program that you might be interested in. Here are the details:

LEVEL FIVE: ALL the Above PLUS a copy of every book I publish!

All of the other rewards (free reads, exclusive chapbooks, signed ARCs, an exclusive trade paperback just for supporters) PLUS you can receive a FREE copy of every new book/edition with my name on it that’s published while you’re at Level Five. This includes collections, novellas, and novels I write, along with anthologies I edit. eBooks, trade editions, and even signed Limited Edition hardcovers. New books and reprints, they’re all yours if you want them.

To sign-up or change your current level, just visit my Patreon page:

Thank you, as always, for your continuing support!

Logo for the Friendly Little Monsters series by Brian James Freeman and Glenn Chadbourne

As you might recall, The Zombie Who Cried Human is the first book in the “Friendly Little Monsters” series that Glenn Chadbourne and I are working on together. Glenn has created an awesome logo for the series, which you can see here:

Purchase the trade hardcover edition:
Amazon.comCemetery Dance Publications

the trade hardcover edition:

the signed and slipcased Limited Edition:

Halloween Carnival: Volume Five Received a STARRED REVIEW From Publishers Weekly!

Halloween Carnival: Volume Five has received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, and here’s just a bit of what they had to say:

In this nail-bitingly tense short horror anthology, each of the five stories packs its own particular punch… This miniature cavalcade of spine-tingling and thought-provoking horrors lives up to its name and is the perfect Halloween treat.”

It’s never too late for a little Halloween in your life, so please feel free to grab a copy if you haven’t already! • • • Barnes & Noble • Apple iBookstore • Kobo

Halloween Carnival Volume Five

“Ice Cold Dan the Ice Cream Man” — An Exclusive Short Story by Brian James Freeman!

I’ve posted my short story “Ice Cold Dan the Ice Cream Man” exclusively for my supporters over at Patreon!

Patrons can read the story immediately — and so can you for a pledge of just $1 or more.

Please visit my Patreon page to learn  about the different rewards I’m creating and publishing exclusively for my supporters. I’d love to see you there!

Thank you, as always, for your continuing support!

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