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Update on The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Limited Edition by William Peter Blatty

Here is the latest update on The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Limited Edition by William Peter Blatty that Lonely Road Books will be publishing later this year:

The book is now designed and being proofread, and we’re still right on track for a summer publication date.

The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Limited Edition

As I mentioned last time, I originally planned on printing 6 color artwork plates in this special edition, but Caniglia went overboard and turned in 13 (!) color pieces, so I’m breaking the budget and adding all of them to the book. You can never have too much Caniglia artwork in a beautiful special edition like this one.

In addition, Mr. Blatty has provided an introduction and an afterword that won’t be appearing in any other edition of the book, so even though the Lonely Road Books special edition is long sold out, those essays have been added as unannounced bonus features.

Finally, there is also a special unannounced bonus for the Lettered Edition customers: because Caniglia turned in so much extra artwork, there will be entirely different artwork on the Lettered Edition’s dust jacket instead of the same artwork that will be appearing on the Limited Edition as originally planned.

I’ll post more news as I have it, but you can also always email me if you have any questions. Thanks, as always, for your support!

Behind the Scenes: The 25th Anniversary Edition of IT Limited Edition Artwork Portfolio

When it comes to my day job at Cemetery Dance Publications, I’m often tossing out random ideas for new projects, just to keep things interesting.

For example, I once suggested we put together a huge Limited Edition Artwork Portfolio featuring all of the artwork from the The 25th Anniversary Edition of It by Stephen King that we published in December, even though we had never really tried an artwork portfolio on that scale before.

Everyone agreed it seemed like a fine idea, so we made special arrangements with Glen Orbik, Alan M. Clark, and Erin Wells to collect all of their artwork from the book into an oversized portfolio. By oversized I mean the artwork alone is 11 inches by 14 inch. Obviously, the portfolio to hold the artwork would need to be even bigger. After the deals were made, we created a special signature sheet to be signed by all three artists. We publicly announced the project and we limited the portfolio to a one-time printing of just 500 sets.

But getting the actual portfolio to look and feel the way we wanted took almost three months and four prototypes. The first prototype was too flimsy and didn’t feel elegant enough. For the second prototype, we used a heavier material and we also tried an alternate closure for a different look, but the closure didn’t really keep the portfolio shut and we were concerned the artwork would just fly out if someone moved it too quickly. The third prototype nailed the material weight and closure just right, but they accidentally made it at 2/3s the final size, so we had a fourth prototype made just to be sure everything was perfect. These prototypes are constructed by hand, one at a time, so they’re not cheap, but they’re well worth the cost when you consider the alterative: producing a less than desirable collectible. The final prototype was everything we envisioned and we gave it the green light.

The finished portfolios will begin shipping in late March, but below are some photos of the final approve case they sent us today. For the first photo, keep in mind how large our special edition of It by Stephen King is and that’ll give you a good feel for how huge these portfolios are.


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Cemetery Dance “All You Can Read” eBook Membership 2012

Today I’m pleased to announce something pretty exciting that has been in works for a while now: the Cemetery Dance “All You Can Read” eBook Membership for 2012.

The way this membership works is pretty simple.  After paying a small one-time fee, members will be able to download one “free” copy of every eBook Cemetery Dance has published to date and every eBook we publish in 2012.  The cost of membership is just $49, which is pretty amazing when you consider our store already has 40 eBooks you can download right away with a combined retail value of more than $130.  (The cost of this membership breaks down to just $4.08 per month.)

In the six months since we launched our eBook store, we’ve published books by William Peter Blatty, Peter Straub, Jay Bonansinga, Norman Partridge, Glen Hirshberg, Brian Hodge, Brian Keene, Mick Garris, Rick Hautala, Ronald Kelly, Simon Clark, Ed Gorman, Geoff Cooper, James A. Moore, Rocky Wood, Kirby McCauley, and many others.  For our 2012 line-up we’re working with a lot of these authors, plus some other regular Cemetery Dance favorites and some of our favorite authors who haven’t been around in a while.

Although we’re embracing the new digital age, that doesn’t mean we’re any less committed to our signed Limited Edition hardcovers.  We plan on publishing print books for many, many years to come and we have a lot of very exciting books in the works for this year including some surprise titles by authors you’re not expecting.

In fact, because we know our collectors still love print editions as much as we do, every “All You Can Read” member will also receive a FREE signed Limited Edition hardcover later this year.  (All they’ll have to pay is any applicable shipping to their location.)  This works out well for our regular collectors who also read eBooks, of course, but my hope is that some eBook readers who haven’t really considered the buying a signed Limited Edition hardcover book will get this freebie and want more.

For those of you who are rightfully concerned about how authors will be paid for their work in this new age of digital reading, I’m very pleased to report that our authors will be paid their FULL ROYALTY RATE on any copies downloaded by members of the “All You Can Read” program. So if there are 100 members in this program and they each download an author’s eBook, that author will be paid the same as if 100 copies were sold at the regular retail price.  If there are 500 members, and all 500 download an author’s eBook, again, that’s 500 real sales.  (I suspect all of our eBook authors will see a nice boost in their next royalty checks.)

All in all, I think this is a pretty incredible deal and I hope a lot of readers are able to take advantage of it.  I look forward to hearing everyone’s feedback on the program.

Photos of It: The 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition by Stephen King

Cemetery Dance Publications has officially published It: The 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition by Stephen King and I thought you might like to see some photos of the Slipcased Gift Edition and the Signed & Traycased Limited Edition. The Gift Edition is shipping this week to all those who preordered a copy and the Limited Edition will begin shipping next week when the traycases arrive.

As you can see, I am not a professional photographer and I specialize in blurry and slightly out of focus shots:

Limited Edition in Traycase (L), Gift Edition in Slipcase (R)

Limited Edition in Traycase (L), Gift Edition in Slipcase (R)

Limited Edition (L), Gift Edition (R)

Limited Edition (L), Gift Edition (R)

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Tomislav Tikulin’s Beautiful Cover Painting For Gideon’s Corpse by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

On Tuesday, Cemetery Dance Publications announced a deluxe special edition of Gideon’s Corpse, the forthcoming novel from New York Times bestselling collaborators Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

This signed Limited Edition is already more than 70% sold out, just 48 hours later, and today I wanted to show off the stunning cover painting Tomislav Tikulin (who also painted the cover for the special edition of Gideon’s Sword) has turned in. Click on the image for a much larger version:

Preview of It: The 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition by Stephen King

Cemetery Dance Publications will be shipping the Gift Edition and Limited Edition of It: The 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition by Stephen King next week, and I thought you might like a sneak peek at the Gift Edition.  I took these photos very quickly, and please note that we don’t have the slipcases for the Gift Edition yet, so this is just the book itself, but I’ll post new photos of the finished Gift Edition and the signed and traycased Limited Edition later this month.

IT by Stephen King Gift Edition

This exclusive Cemetery Dance Publications deluxe Limited Edition features a brand new afterword by Stephen King, full-color wrap-around color artwork by Glen Orbik, and nearly thirty original color and black & white interior illustrations by Alan M. Clark and Erin S. Wells.

Here are two more shots featuring the Gift Edition (no slipcase), the Viking hardcover, and the Hodder & Stoughton hardcover to give you an idea of the size:

A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes of It: The 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition by Stephen King

If you’re curious what publishers are talking about when they reference the “bluelines” of a book, these are the bluelines for It: The 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition by Stephen King, which Cemetery Dance Publications will be publishing later this month:

This is the official approval copy the publisher gets from the printer and, as you can see, these days they aren’t blue, but they serve the same purpose. This stack of loose papers represents the way the text will be presented on the pages of the book. You look the pages over to make sure nothing got lost in translation between when you finalized the design and when the printer loaded everything up on their end. The pages are printed in black and white, even if there are color elements to the page design. Color artwork that will be tipped into the book is also not included, although you are sent separate proofs for them.

For more complicated projects, you have the option of asking for a “folded and gathered” proof. This is done after you approve the bluelines. The F&G is printed on the same presses that will be printing your actual book, so to create the F&G, one copy of the book is basically run off the press all by itself. The F&G includes everything the final book will: all color elements, the artwork that will be tipped in, etc.  Here is what the F&G for It by Stephen King looks like:

Those are the real pages and the real artwork, printed on the real paper stock that will be used for the book. The pages are grouped in their signatures of 8, 16, or 32 pages, but they are not yet bound together.

So the F&G is essentially the final book, just without a binding.  It is the absolute last chance to fix any problems.