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The Dark Forces Special Edition from Lonely Road Books

Probably the best thing about running Lonely Road Books was landing my dream project to launch the press: Dark Forces: The 25th Anniversary Special Edition edited by Kirby McCauley.  This special edition was limited to a 300 copy Limited Edition and a 26 copy Lettered Edition.

Why was this a dream project?  Simple: Dark Forces was the first horror anthology I read as a kid and it made quite the impression!  Also, I feel like you should make a statement about your goals and ambitions when you launch a press.  Dark Forces certainly did that, in my opinion.

In case you’ve never seen the Lonely Road Books special edition, here are some photos.  I’ve included my original mass market paperback to give you some idea of the size of these books.

Dark Forces
Lettered Edition, Limited Edition, paperback

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The Stephen King Book Covers That Might Have Been

One of my favorite jobs at Cemetery Dance Publications is the day-to-day book production work.

We published two new Stephen King books in 2010: the World’s First Edition of Blockade Billy and the Deluxe Limited Edition of Full Dark, No Stars. Most collectors never get to see “behind the scenes” of the creation of a Limited Edition book, so I thought it would be fun to discuss how the cover artwork and design for Full Dark, No Stars came to be.

If you’ve read Full Dark, No Stars, you know this book has a really dark heart, which made deciding on a cover image and designing that cover a serious challenge.  Plus, we were publishing three editions of the book (Slipcased Gift Edition, Signed Limited Edition, Signed Lettered Edition), so this one book would actually have three different dust jackets.

First, we needed an artist. After much discussion, and once we rejected the idea of going with an AC/DC “Back in Black” style dust jacket, we hired Tomislav Tikulin to paint the cover. We had been impressed with his work on other projects and we felt he would bring a fresh perspective to this particular Limited Edition. We knew we wanted a wrap-around cover painting (artwork on the front cover and back cover) with the back cover somehow “showing the inner darkness” of the character on the front cover, but those were the only instructions we gave him so he wouldn’t be limited by our ideas.

Tomislav spent weeks on the painting, showing us each stage and discussing ideas and looking for feedback and suggestions to nail the tone, and he has very graciously allowed me to reprint those different drafts on this page, so you can get a better feel for the process of how the artwork was created.

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