The Zombie Who Cried Human

The Zombie Who Cried Human
Little Boy Zombie lives on a big farm just outside of ZomBeeTown with Mama Zombie, Papa Zombie, and Rex the Zombie Dog.

One day, while Mama Zombie and Papa Zombie are away, Boy Zombie is left in charge of the farm. But when he gets bored, he decides to play a prank on the citizens of ZomBeeTown. He yells toward town, “Humans here, humans here!” And everyone comes shambling to the farm to help.

When they discover they’ve been tricked, Boy Zombie is warned by his elders: “Don’t cry ‘humans’ when there are no humans!”

But will he learn his lesson in time?

The Zombie Who Cried Human is the first book in the “Friendly Little Monsters” series from Brian James Freeman and Glenn Chadbourne, who are blending classic fables with modern storytelling techniques to entertain children and adults of all ages.

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Publication History:
• Cemetery Dance Publications
Trade Hardcover: $19
ISBN: 978-1-58767-652-9
Publication Date: April 2017

• Cemetery Dance Publications
Signed & Slipcased Limited Edition Hardcover: $65
ISBN: 978-1-58767-648-2
Publication Date: April 2017


the trade hardcover edition:

the signed and slipcased Limited Edition:

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