New Serial Novel Launching In January: One Candle Against the Night

One Candle Against the Night is a novel I’ve been thinking about writing for a very long time, so the challenge of writing and publishing the story as a serial chapbook series for my supporters on Patreon seems like the perfect way to make sure this book finally gets written.

That’s why, in January, I’ll be printing “One Candle Against the Night: The River Town” as an exclusive chapbook for my Patreon supporters at the $5 or higher Rewards Levels.

This is the first section of the novel, and from there the story will continue until the protagonist either makes it home to his family or dies trying. I’m honestly not sure which will happen, but I hope you’ll join me over on Patreon to find out!

About “The River Town” Chapbook:
Stephen Smith is a haunted man, a photographer who has documented the worst humanity has to offer.

While traveling with his fellow journalists and their United Nations escorts into a war zone known as Los Manos del Diablo, Stephen is accidentally left behind when he tries to help a stricken young refugee no one else saw.

She’s standing on a landmine and Stephen has neither the skills nor the necessary time to save her, so he will have to make a choice: try something insanely risky, something that might not even work and could kill him, too–or simply start the long journey home, leaving the girl behind to meet her fate alone.

But even if he escapes the river town alive, there are many dangers on the road ahead…

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